Cost to receive a call

Receiving call when in:  
Networks we support:
Incoming call to AFGHANISTAN MOBILE:
When using UK Mobile (+4478):                          61.5p per Minute
When using any other numbers: 71.5p per Minute

Cost of making a call

Calling From:
Calling To:
Call to AFGHANISTAN: £1.13 per Minute
One off connection fee: 10p
Additional Connection fee if using sms protocol: 58p **
Calling Voice Mail: 81.5p per minute
Calling Customer Service: 81.5p per minute
Call Divert To AFGHANISTAN: 0p per minute

Cost of sending a SMS

Sending an SMS : Not Applicable

Cost of Data

Cost per MB: £10.5
Minimum data in KB: 10
Unit in KB 10
** If the mobile network your SIM is roaming on cannot send us the call in the usual way, it will sometimes be sent to us by 'sms protocol'. (This does not affect how you make or receive any calls). If this happens, we are charged extra to receive the call and you will be charged this additional Connection Fee for this call. Unfortunately, how the call is sent to us is controlled by the mobile network your phone is connected to and is out of our control.
Networks we support