Cost to receive a call

Receiving call when in:  
Networks we support:
Incoming call to AMERICAN SAMOA MOBILE *:
When using UK Mobile (+4478):                          £2.18 per minute
When using any other numbers: £2.28 per minute

Cost of making a call

Calling From:
Calling To:
Call to 005 BRUNEI MOBILE: 0p per Minute
One off connection fee: 0p
Calling Voice Mail: 0p per minute
Calling Customer Service: 0p per minute
Call Divert To 005 BRUNEI MOBILE: 0p per minute

Cost of sending a SMS

Sending an SMS : 45.5p per SMS

Cost of Data

Cost per MB: N/A
Minimum data in KB: N/A
Unit in KB N/A
Networks we support